The latest solutions & equipment

Since it was first established BioSweep North East has continually invested in the latest technology and equipment to speed up processes, reduce energy consumption, make cost savings for our clients and demonstrate innovation. This includes investment in specialist vehicles, drying equipment, cleaning systems and IT infrastructure.

Drying Systems

Following water damage, BioSweep North East has successfully reduced drying times in the restoration process through the use of industry leading, high-capacity and high-performance equipment. This includes Corroventa ES and ESX desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers and DBK 2 Drymatic systems.

The award-winning models are energy-efficient, providing lower power consumption and enabling us to make cost savings for our insurance clients when it comes to electricity usage. We are also able to utilise remote monitoring, meaning the drying process can be stopped at exactly the right time, further contributing to lower energy usage and encouraging climate protection.

While other drying systems can only operate between 9 °C and 25 °C, our thermal energy systems apply heat directly to wet materials and are efficient even in cold conditions, which mitigates secondary damage and minimises strip out requirements. BioSweep North East strives to carry out all works with minimal disruption and home owners can benefit from our advanced systems, which can be operated in quiet mode for those still residing in properties.

DOFF Cleaning System

Our technicians are also equipped with high-spec DOFF cleaning systems which are highly effective at restoring substrates following fire damage. The DOFF system provides 0% surface damage on a range of materials including brick, wood, concrete and tile. Unlike other systems which may emit large volumes of water and high pressure, DOFF removes paint, dirt and biological matter, without causing harm or shock to the substrate – all with no harsh chemicals or harm to the environment.

Masternaut Vehicle Tracking Technology

As part of our commitment to driving efficiencies throughout the insurance claim process, BioSweep North East has invested in industry leading vehicle tracking technology. This enables us to deploy resources effectively through efficient routing and minimising fuel costs. We also purchase low CO2 emission company vehicles to help reduce our fleet’s carbon footprint and allow us to be more adaptable to clients’ changing needs.

Carpet Cleaning Before and After - Seaton Delavel

Texatherm Cleaning System

Our technicians are equipped with the patented Texatherm Cleaning System. Suitable for both carpets and upholstery which have experienced general wear and tear, accidental spillages or damage from following a disaster, it provides a deep wet clean which eliminates stains and dirt without soiling or leaving a sticky residue.

The Texatherm system creates a more hygienic environment by cleaning and disinfecting the fibres and eliminating dust and pet dander. We only use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions which are safe for children and pets and leave a PH neutral carpet on completion.

Rozone Smartwasher

To assist with successful contents restoration following fire or water damage, BioSweep North East has invested in mobile Smartwashers to clean and sanitise personal belongings at our clients’ properties. These systems use natural bioremediation which is safe, durable and significantly reduces waste fluid generation. By providing a mobile cleaning service, we reduce the quantity of contents which need to be transported to our head office, speeding up the restoration process and increasing customer satisfaction.

Emergency Contents and Laundry Recovery Unit

BioSweep North East has invested in a specialist contents and laundry recovery unit to assist with its restoration process. When disaster strikes, in addition to damage from the peril itself, properties and their contents can experience secondary damage such as contamination from smoke and soot, or odours from mould. If left untreated, soot can stain, or damage fibres and smoke odours can linger for extensive periods of time. The mobile recovery unit allows our technicians to remove clothing and contents from a property, perform a BioSweep odour removal treatment on site and return the items back to their owner within hours. This negates the need to transport contents, speeding up the restoration process and increasing customer satisfaction.

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