Summer Fire Safety Tips

Summer fire safety tips | BioSweep North East

Summer fire safety tips infographic | BioSweep North East

Fires in the home cause several hundreds of fatalities each year, however, smaller fires that are equally as dangerous, causing serious injuries and extensive damage to properties are more common.

By maintaining awareness of fire safety, and following simple steps, you can considerably reduce the risk of fire in your home. UK statistics show that 74,000 fires are started on grass heath land each year, and with moorland and wildfires occurring in dry summer months, it’s just as important to be fire aware when you’re out and about too.

Follow these top tips to stay fire aware and safe this summer.

Fire Safety In the Home

  1. Fit smoke alarms on each level of your home and test them weekly – you’re 4 times more likely to die in a house fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm.
  2. Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby or overload sockets – faulty electrics cause 6,000 UK fires each year.
  3. Close internal doors at night – it could help to save a life if there is a fire

Fire Safety Outdoors

  1. Avoid open fires in the countryside. Only have them in designated, safe places
  2. Don’t leave bottles or glass in woodland, sunlight shining through glass can cause a fire
  3. Put cigarettes out properly and don’t throw cigarette ends out of car windows

Fire Safety With Barbeques

  1. Keep a bucket of water, sand or a garden hose nearby for emergencies
  2. Keep barbeques away from sheds, fences and trees
  3. Never store gas cylinders under the stairs, they could explode in a fire and block your escape route

Fire Safety Camping

  1. Ensure caravans and tents are at least 6 metres apart and away from parked cars to reduce the risk of fire spreading
  2. Only change gas cylinders when they are completely empty
  3. Never use candles in tents – a fire can destroy a tent in less than 6 seconds

This fire safety information is taken from the government statistics website, for more information, please visit:

For more information on our services, or assistance with fire damage restoration or smoke odour removal, please call 0800 071 5757.


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