Effective Management of Escape of Water Claims

Effective Management of Escape of Water Claims

The one-stop approach

BioSweep North East reveals how its one-stop approach is the key to effective management of escape of water claims.

Following the staggering rise in the cost of escape of water claims as announced by the ABI in November 2017, escape of water has been a top priority within the insurance industry and the ABI suggests that stakeholders in the claims and restoration chain need to get ‘below the surface’ to uncover causes of incidents and work closely to start reversing the rising cost of claims.

What is driving increases in claims?

According to the ABI more plumbed-in appliances, en-suite bathrooms, complex hidden plumbing and the use of less damage resilient building materials contributes towards higher claim costs. In addition to these factors, the industry has seen an increase in water damage claims, in particular burst pipe claims, as a result of sub-zero weather conditions and storms such as the Beast from the East.

How is BioSweep North East’s one-stop approach reducing claim costs?

BioSweep North East, working in partnership with Complete Property Revival, takes a bespoke approach to damage management, committed to reducing claim lifecycles and restoration / re-instatement costs for insurers, loss adjusters and brokers, while creating minimal disruption for policy holders.

Our ‘one-stop’ solution, negates the need to appoint multiple subcontractors, delivers cost savings throughout the restoration and re-instatement process and nullifies subcontractor management fees, which are often built into claim costs.

By directly employing a team of skilled trades, across all areas from senior water damage technicians, non-licensed asbestos removal technicians, plumbers and electricians, through to building tradespeople, all works are managed in-house which has an abundance of benefits including reduced restoration and reinstatement lifecycles and costs, consistent service levels, improved quality control and one point of contact for policy holders.

Batahroom installations insurance damage restoration BioSweep North East

As part of their ethos to make claims management more efficient, BioSweep North East continually invests in the latest technology, solutions and equipment including energy-efficient thermal drying units, which in addition to reducing drying times, also reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

Other investment includes iPad technology to enable real time reporting, powerful scoping software to accurately calculate material costs and minimise wastage, vehicle tracking to reduce fuel consumption, plus a specialist Contents & Laundry Recovery Unit and equipment to restore contents on-site, reducing replacement costs.

The one-stop approach enables BioSweep North East and Complete Property Revival to take responsibility for full project management of all works, from cradle to grave, resulting in a seamless transition from restoration to reinstatement, commencing works on day 1 and consistently throughout the claim duration, minimising gaps in activity and significantly shortening claim lifecycles.

How can damage be prevented?

With a forward-thinking, customer-focussed philosophy, BioSweep North East is currently working alongside its insurance clients on innovative risk prevention measures.

This includes the testing of new smart home devices and using social media and content marketing to educate consumers on damage prevention in the home.

Complete Property Revival, working in partnership with BioSweep North East, takes a bespoke approach to damage management, committed to reducing claim lifecycles and restoration / re-instatement costs for insurers, loss adjusters and brokers, while creating minimal disruption for policy holders.

More About Us

We have over 140 years combined insurance, disaster restoration and construction industry experience within our senior management team. We adopt a forward thinking, customer focussed philosophy and have built an excellent reputation for delivering a first-class service across the North of England.

In the event of a fire, flood, storm or escape of water, the team is focussed on delivering immediate assistance, to mitigate any secondary damage and offer a prompt remediation plan. We offer a full range of restoration and re-instatements services, from strip outs, drying, plumbing and electrical works to complete property re-instatement.

For more information on our water damage restoration services, please call us on 0800 071 5757 or email info@biosweepnortheast.co.uk.


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