How To Make Your Soft Furnishings Survive Christmas

How To Make Your Soft Furnishings Survive Christmas

‘Tis (almost) the season to be jolly, which means fun festive celebrations and Christmas parties… accompanied by accidental spillages, food trodden into carpets and extra house guests in your home. While seasonal celebrations can be enjoyable for friends and family, they can be hard on your furnishings, but with a few pre-Christmas preparations, you can make the New Year clean up a little easier.

  1. Treat your carpets well…

It may seem a little odd investing in professional cleaning before the festive season, however, opting for upholstery or carpet protection will not only improve the appearance and lifespan of your furnishings, but will help protect the fibres against future stains. We use the latest environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, plus our protection treatment will help protect against any water and oil-based stains you may experience over Christmas – red wine, coffee, gravy etc.

  1. Shoes off…

It’s a good idea to encourage a ‘shoes off in the house’ policy, but there is always one unruly guest that seems to traipse dirt or mud through your home. Invest in a winter door mat, boot scraper and shoe rack to minimise staining in high traffic areas and prompt guests to remove their footwear on arrival.

  1. Avoid domestic stain removers…

If you experience an accidental spillage, it can be tempting to use a commercial domestic stain remover. However, these can damage the fabric or fibres and even make the stain worse. You should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning carpets or upholstery. If you must clean the stain yourself, it may be best to use water and dab the spot, rather than use a shop-bought chemical solution.

  1. Have Your Hard Floors Cleaned and Sealed

Whether you have porcelain, ceramic, karndean or engineered wood flooring, professional hard floor cleaning will not only help bring it back to pristine condition to wow your Christmas visitors, but it will help seal the surface, to prevent liquids seeping into the substrate. Our hard floor cleaning is suitable for a wide range of materials, and our experienced, fully-insured technicians will tailor the cleaning process for your individual floor type.

  1. Tips for your tree

While real trees may encapsulate the true spirit of Christmas, they can also bring extra challenges when it comes to carpet care. To minimise any damage to your flooring, always remove the netting and shake off loose pine leaves outside the house. Ensure the tree is drinking its water properly to help avoid mould developing and place a rubber floor mat or specialist tree mat underneath it to help prevent tree water spilling onto the floor. When removing the tree, use a plastic protector to help stop water and pine needles dropping across the floor. If however, you do experience any stains from soil, water or sap, professional cleaning can get your carpets back to their pre-Christmas condition!

  1. Spruce up your suite

Impress your house guests with a gleaming sofa or suite – a professional upholstery clean will have it fresh and clean, free from dirt, grime and odours. As with carpets, opting for upholstery protection will help protect the fabric against future spillages and accidental soiling, making lighter work of the post-Christmas clean up!


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