7 Smart Cleaning Hacks For Selling Your House

Cleaning hacks for selling your house / BioSweep North East

You can only make a first impression once, so if you’re selling a property, it’s natural to spend hours making it sparkle and squeaky clean before viewings. However, there are some unexpected areas that viewers look at most, so with some careful planning and a few expert cleaning hacks, you can make preparing your property for sale quicker and easier.

1. De-clutter and De-personalise

We expect you’ll tidy up before viewings, don’t forget to rid the hallway of coats, jackets and shoes and remove storage jars and appliances from the kitchen worktops. Clean out the cupboard under the stairs too, as 80% of viewers look inside cupboards to check the storage space.

Buyers need to be able to visualise themselves in the space, so remove personal photos, religious or political items, drawings and ornaments, and replace them with neutral decorative items.

Cleaning Tips Selling Your House BioSweep North East

2. Deep Cleaning

A thorough deep clean through the entire property will help the presentation of your home. The trick is attention to detail, so don’t forget to dust hard-to-reach areas, clean shower heads and vent covers, skirting boards and door handles. 70% of buyers look up to check ceiling heights and cornicing, so don’t forget to dust for cobwebs and clean ceiling fans. For areas with stubborn grease or grime, such as kitchens and bathrooms, you may wish to appoint a professional deep cleaning company.

3. Professional Carpet Care

What do your carpets look and smell like? Whether they have obvious stains and dirt, or just haven’t been professionally cleaned for a while, the charming ‘lived in’ feel is not attractive to house buyers. Thankfully, our professional carpet cleaning service can save significant costs on replacements and causes minimal disruption to yourself with rapid drying times (30 minutes), and clean, fresh, great smelling carpets create a fantastic first impression for your home.

Special offer: Make the most of our moving home package, and enjoy:

  • Clean, bright carpets before viewings (we can just clean the treadways to make it more cost-effective)
  • Professional carpet clean in your new home
  • Vacuum, rake & stain treatment
  • Carpet protection
  • Sanitising and deodorising

Prices from £130, based on 2 x areas up to 20sqm.

Landlord carpet cleaning services

4. Wash the Windows

Nothing can deplete a property’s curb appeal quicker than dirty windows, and scenic views are top of a buyers’ checklists – 95% of people look out of the windows to check the view. So, be sure to give the windows, frames and ledges a clean, inside and out.

5. Mould Remediation

Mouldy grout is the bane of every tiled surface, and more serious mould can be very problematic when you are selling a house. Damp can instantly put off house buyers, and mould can be very harmful to health, so it’s essential to get a professional assessment carried out by an accredited practitioner or mould remediation company.

6. Odour Removal

There are times when deep cleaning a property isn’t enough, and odours from tobacco, pets, cooking, curry or grease are still present. For this, we offer a unique BioSweep 5-stage odour removal process, which supersedes other methods such as fogging or odour bombs and has proven effective where other treatments have failed. Instead of masking foul odours, it breaks down molecules to permanently eradicate the odour, ensuring the smell doesn’t return. Our odour removal is popular for landlords selling rented accommodation, when previous tenants have had pets or been smokers.

7. Finishing Touches

And finally, don’t forget the finishing touches such as ambient side lighting, lamps, plants, fresh flowers and natural day light wherever possible!

Professional upholstery cleaning service

Our partner company, Complete Property Revival, also provides a comprehensive range of maintenance, electrical, gas, plumbing and building services for landlords.

For more information on our professional cleaning, odour removal or mould remediation services, please call our head office on 0800 071 5757 or email info@biosweepnortheast.co.uk.


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