5 Savvy Services For Landlords and Tenanted Properties

Landlord void and exit cleaning services / BioSweep North East

BioSweep North East understands the need for a quick, seamless service and a high-quality finish when it comes to tenanted properties. Whether you think you have a leak, can’t get rid of an odour or require professional carpet cleaning, our services can help improve occupancy, save on replacement costs, free up your time and help maintain excellent quality standards in your properties.

1. Odour Removal

Have previous tenants left your property with a stubborn tobacco, pet or cooking odour? BioSweep North East can assist with professional odour removal! We use a unique, patented technology that works where other odour eliminators have failed. Instead of masking foul smells, it breaks down molecules to permanently eliminate the odour, leaving a fresh, clean scent and ensuring the smell doesn’t return.

2. Void and Exit Cleaning

Whether you are a private landlord or letting agent, professional cleaning services can help restore your property to its pristine condition, ready for the next tenant. Contact us for more information on general commercial cleaning services, tile cleaning, de-greasing and kitchen and bathroom cleaning.

3. Leak Detection

Have you noticed damaged walls or flooring, mould, the smell of stale water or unusually high-water bills? Our leak detection service accurately pinpoints the source of hidden leaks. It’s non-invasive with minimal disruption and can significantly reduce water consumption, repair costs and prevents excavating whole properties.

4. Professional Carpet Cleaning

With award-winning cleaning systems and highly skilled carpet technicians, we are able to significantly reduce costs of replacements, and improve the appearance of carpets in your tenanted property. Our carpet cleaning process treats common stains from food, drink, pets and dirt and is suitable for most carpet types. It reduces odours, and we’ll have your carpets dry within 30 minutes!Landlord carpet cleaning services

5. Builder’s Cleans

If you are renovating a property, we also offer a comprehensive builders clean service, that will leave your property gleaming and in pristine condition. This includes removing dust and debris from troublesome areas, clean doors and skirting boards, removing waste and rubbish and deep cleaning.

Our partner company, Complete Property Revival, also provides a comprehensive range of maintenance, electrical, gas, plumbing and building services for landlords.

For more information on any of our services, please call 0800 071 5757 or email info@biosweepnortheast.co.uk.


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