6 Safety Tips to Avoid a Hair-raising Halloween

6 Safety Tips to Avoid a Hair-raising Halloween

Lanterns, candle-filled pumpkins and plastic costumes have become synonymous with Halloween. While they add some fun to the spooky seasonal event, they are also lurking fire hazards which can quickly set alight and cause devastation within homes. The typical design of such costumes, with billowing robes and capes, means that they can easily catch fire and engulf a child in flames.

Here are some top tips to ensure your Halloween is fire safe, festive and fun!

  1. When choosing children’s Halloween costumes, look for the CE safety mark, and costumes which are tested to nightwear safety regulations (many manufacturers are applying this high standard of protection). Plastic capes and bin liners are often used as costumes – always keep them away from naked flames and candles.
  2. Reduce the risk of fire by using LED or battery-operated lights in lanterns and pumpkins. These are safer than candles, as candles tipping over can easily set fire to Halloween decorations, costumes, clothing and curtains.
  3. If you must use candles – always extinguish them properly before moving them, use a suitable holder, keep them out of reach of children and pets and place them on a heat-resistant surface.
  4. Ensure that anyone wearing a costume, including children, know the ‘stop, drop and roll’ technique in the event that their clothing catches fire (Stop immediately, drop to the ground, covering your face with your hands, and roll over and over to extinguish flames).
    More information on this: [insert link]
  5. Always make fire safety a top priority when decorating your home. Never overload sockets, keep decorations (including dried flowers and crepe paper) away from naked flames and always turn decorative lights off at the mains when you leave the house or go to bed.
  6. Ensure you have a smoke alarm on every floor of your home and test it weekly.

In the event you do experience fire damage, BioSweep North East can assist with fire and smoke damage restoration, odour removal and property re-instatement. Please call 0800 071 5757 or email info@biosweepnortheast.co.uk.


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